online post natal online program

The post natal Exercise Program to help you Return to Fit the riGht way, to build strength and stability…for life.

online post natal online program

The post natal Exercise Program to help you Return to Fit the right way, to build strength and stability…for life.

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post natal exercise fitness for mums

RETURN TO FIT is for the mum…

who is ready to…

Heal her abdominal separation

Strengthen her pelvic floor

Stop those annoying leaks

Feel confident lifting, carrying and playing with her kids

Love moving and exercising any way she wants!

Yes please, I'm ready!

how does it work?



Within the private membership portal you will have access to:

✅ 6 week structured and progressive at-home exercise program (10-15 mins of exercise ideally to be done most days)

✅ Library of extensive resources, guides and instructional videos to complement your exercise program

✅ Bonus exercise and stretch & mobility videos

✅ Deep dive discussions and strategies on other wellbeing topics including: Nutrition, Habits & Routine, Rest & Recovery.

As soon as join the Program

you will get imeediate and lifetime acess to the following…


  • A printable 6 week, progressive Exercise Guide which contains a series of specific workouts to perform at your leisure, at home or at the gym.
  • Short 15 – 20 minute workouts to be done daily, for best results.
  • The workouts are progressive and form a structured program, designed to be done in a specific sequence.
  • The exercise guide includes images, exercise descriptions and cues.
  • It is intended that you progress through each of the six weeks, only once you feel comfortable and strong enough to do so.


In addition to the printable version of the program, you will receive handy instructional videos covering each week of the program, giving you an instructional visual guide to support you with correct implementation of the exercises.


Also referred to as the Return to Fit ‘Bible’, this guide provides you with an invaluable source of information, designed to:

  • Provide you with EVERYTHING you need to know about a safe and effective return to exercise.
  • Educate you on your basic physiology around your core + pelvic floor anatomy;
  • Answer common questions and provide information relating to your core and pelvic floor function and dysfunction;
  • Provide tools to assist you on your own Return to Fit journey, both during and beyond the program.

You will also gain immediate access to the following content…

Nutrition 101 how-to guide + MEAL PREP GUIDE + GO-TO Recipes GUIDE

To provide you with simple and straight forward education on how to achieve better health through your nutrition. Through our back to basics approach, we cut the confusion around good nutrition and demonstrate how nutrition is not only vital to your best health, but can also greatly enhance your efforts to regain stretch and fitness.

Stretch + MOBILITY Series

As part of any good exercise program, it is imperative to incorporate a stretch and mobility component. This Stretch + Mobility Series will provide plenty of mobility and stretching inspiration, via a comprehensive downloadable guide and video content.  These are designed to be followed along from at home or the gym and encouraged to be used daily (or as often as possible) for best results.


Here are SSH, we understand that mindfulness is an important element of good health, however it is one area that we both continue to find challenges with. For this reason, we have created three short, sweet and ‘to the point’ guided sessions to help you begin to incorporate this important strategy into your overall health picture. 

Access to Private ONLINE COMMUNITY

Exclusive access to and continued support through our Private Facebook Group, providing you with a forum to link up with other participants, keeping you motivated, supported and on track, throughout the program and well beyond.


What our mums are saying about our program…

The entire program was so valuable for me personally but the following was particularly important. It give me a period of time each week where I was force to look after MYSELF and MY BODY. The online community surrounded me with other women who were going through a similar ‘return to something’ journey, and we were all in the amazing hands of Anna & Em who are so nurturing. The exercises each week (slow and steady exercises) were exactly what my body needed and the girls explained very clearly how they should be done, how often we should try to do them, and the benefits long term for getting them correct. The materials (eBooks, videos, guides and handouts) that were provided as additional resources throughout the program are invaluable and I still refer to them often, particularly when I need a few reminders or I’m feeling uneasy with pelvic floor and core. I have recommended this program to many mums, and will continue to do so! As mums we do not put our bodies or our health first and this program with Anna & Em was the first time postpartum someone told me getting my body right was the upmost importance!

Abby - Mum of 3

I need to say how much I appreciate your program. Both my abdominal separation and pelvic floor strength have improved so much. I carried my twins a couple of days short of 38 weeks and my separation was about 2.5 fingers worth, I had possible postpartum umbilical hernia and I struggled in prioritising my pelvic floor exercises. I am now trying to determine how much separation I have, but the obvious gap has gone, my stomach looks better, my form has improved and I am feeling so much stronger. Your program is most definitely working! The physical pressure of breastfeeding and the day-to-day lifting and playing with my 10 month old twins has taken a toll on me, but since day-one of starting your program the function and feeling of my whole body has improved dramatically.

Fiona - Mum of 2

Breakdown of program




  • Become more aware of your body and the role of posture and breath with the SSH A + B + C.
  • Discover the importance of your (A)lignment, (B)reath and (C)onnection.
  • Learn how to apply these concepts to your movement and exercise.


Habits + Routine

  • Discuss how to build the Program to your daily routine and create new healthy habits
  • Our exercises progress by adding load in the form of a resistance band


Food + Lifestyle

  • Learn about the impact of food and lifestyle factors on your progress through the program and overall health.
  • Week 3 exercises progress into basic upright functional movement patterns, now focussing on correct core engagement against gravity.


move like a mother

  • Focus is on ensuring correct form and technique for our more typical movement patterns, like squat, lunge, pull and push movements.
  • The exercises will continue to challenge you by changing positions and applying additional load and resistance.


Rest + Recovery

  • Discover why adequate Rest + Recovery really matters!? And are you getting enough?
  • The exercises start to incorporate balance work and compound movement patterns in order to further challenge your ability to cope with the progression.


progress not perfection

  • Consolidate your key learnings in order to understand how you can now progress movement-wise, beyond the program.
  • The final exercise series will focus on reinforcing correct form and function while increasing difficulty through more advanced balance and compound movement.

professional endorsements

“Anna & Em from SSH have put together a well-researched Program that covers all of the important aspects in returning to exercise and optimal health safely post birth. This is the type of program I would recommend for all women to undertake following pregnancy and childbirth”

Women’s Health Physiotherapist Sue Croft (BPhty), Sue Croft Physiotherapist Clinic, Brisbane

I completed the Return to Fit Program 6 months after the birth of my first child. By that time I was struggling with some pelvic floor issues and returning to exercise. I found the program to be immensely helpful. It helped to teach me about being mindful of my core and pelvic floor in everyday activities. I still use these techniques today. Furthermore, the exercises and strengthening activities were easy to follow and realistically achievable in a busy day! I would highly recommend it”

Dr Alix Armstrong GP (MBBS, FRACGP) + Mum of 2

we know you will have questions, so here are some answers!

Why should I consider this Program?

We have created this Return to Fit as a Program for all ALL mums.  Whether you are currently pregnant, newly post- natal or your last baby was 10 years ago. Whether you have come through your pregnancy and child birth experience with an “all clear” from your Dr or you have continued to experience symptoms of dysfunction (leakage, pain, etc), this program IS for you. The program is both educational and practically based to provide you with the knowledge and awareness to help you re-connect with, and to begin to improve the strength and functionality of your deeper core and pelvic floor.

Is this program just about exercise?

In short no. Each week of our Program has two primary focusses. On one hand, we do focus on week by week exercise progression, building strength from the inside out and a how-to adapt our new movements to the physicality of your everyday life outside of the program.

On the other hand, we focus on other aspects of your health and how they will support your efforts.  Through our additional guides and resources, we look at how you can implement healthy change day to day through food, rest & recovery and by generally taking better care of yourself. We believe that like most things, your core restoration requires a holistic approach.  That’s why we provide you with the bonus tools, knowledge and strategies around creating the strongest most vibrant version of you.

I had my last baby 10 years ago, is this program still right for me?

Yes! Even if your last baby was born a very long time ago – ‘post natal’ is forever. Sometimes issues that were inherited during pregnancy, childbirth or even in the months and years following your baby’s birth, have never been resolved and only rear their heads much later, once childbirth is but a distant memory. It doesn’t matter whether you had a baby 6 weeks ago, 6 years ago or 36 years ago – this program will provide you with practical ways to return to physical activity, all the while healing, restoring and beginning to strengthen your deep core and pelvic floor. In addition to providing you with strategies to help you continue to move and exercise freely without pain or risk of core dysfunction in the future.

Should I aim to complete the Program in 6 weeks?

The short answer is, it depends! The program is 100% self-paced (and another reason why we are providing you with lifetime access). This is not a quick fix or a hastily thrown together program that we want you to race through as quickly as possible. Return to Fit is a progressive and structured exercise program designed to be executed in a specific order, and only once exercises have been mastered.

Completion will depend on where you are starting from, how compliant you are with the exercises, how much you apply what you learn to your everyday movements and your own body’s response.  We want you to move through the Program as YOU feel ready and able. We want you to really absorb and retain the information provided.  We want you to be able to apply both the education and the practical skills to your life now and well in to the future!

Even with full compliance, each stage of the program should be followed for at least one full week (there are 6 stages or weeks in total).  On average most of our participants have successfully completed the full program within 2 – 3 months.

What if I fall pregnant, can I continue with the program?

Yes absolutely! The exercises in this Program are set at a basic level. If performed during pregnancy they will indeed provide you with so much valuable knowledge and awareness and help you to continue to remain strong and connected. Several exercises may need to be modified dependant on your stage of pregnancy and these will be highlighted accordingly through the guides. Given your lifetime access you can also revisit the Program once you have had your baby – Win Win!

We recommend communicating the details of the program with your medical caregiver to ensure they approve of your continuation of the Program. We also suggest that if you have not already, to consult a Women’s Pelvic Health Physio who can monitor you through pregnancy and provides an invaluable resource post birth.

Are there any medical pre-requisites before starting the Program?

If you have had a baby or are currently pregnant, we highly recommend approval from your regular medical caregiver before taking part in the Program. We also encourage that you take the time to see a Women’s Pelvic Health Physio for a comprehensive core and pelvic floor assessment to gain a thorough understanding of your starting point. If you are unable to see a local WHP in a face to face capacity, some clinics will take Skype consultations, Please get in touch with us if you need to discuss further or download a copy of our SSH Exercise Guidelines for more information.

I have just had a baby, when can I start the program?

Provided there were no complications with your birth, the Program is appropriate to start soon after (ensuring prior and thorough reading of the materials and resources provided).

It is however generally recommended you stick with Week 1 exercises until after your standard 6-week check and a consult with your Women’s Health Pelvic Physiotherapist. If you are unable to see a Women’s Health Physio for some reason, get in touch and we can discuss your circumstance personally.




What if I continue or start to experience symptoms of PELVIC FLOOR OR core dysfunction while completing the Program?

Fortunately, with good compliance of the program you should start to experience an easing of pelvic floor weakness related symptoms within 2-3 weeks.

If however, you continue to or start to experience new symptoms like bladder leakage, pain or any other unusual discomfort, we recommend temporarily stopping the Program and seeking advice form a medical professional. More specifically we recommend seeing a Women’s Health Physio for a comprehensive core and pelvic floor assessment.

If you are unsure where to start, please get in touch as we are happy to help.

How long before I can expect to see or feel results from the Program?

Your results from the program are very dependent on where you are starting from; how quickly your body responds to the exercise; how compliant you are with the exercises and stretch series; how much emphasis you place on your return to fit as an overall holistic approach to your health; PLUS how much you apply what you learn to your everyday movements.

We encourage that you spend the time to really absorb the pre-reading and videos as these will really set you up with the awareness to apply the program principles to your everyday life. If you are committing to the program exercises most days of the week and even more importantly applying what you learn to your general everyday movements, you will start to feel strong and less symptomatic (if applicable) very quickly.

Good compliance and consistent participation through the program has yielded great results from previous participants who have completed all 6 weeks.

How much free time do I need to complete the program?

We encourage that you attempt to complete the program exercises and targeted stretching, daily and set aside 15-20 mins each time. You can complete the exercises anytime (morning, noon or night depending on your own schedule), anywhere (in your bedroom, the kitchen, your gym or in front of the TV) and with little to no equipment (a resistance band is introduced following week 2).

We know that life is busy and things happen too, but we are firm believers that even just a little is better than none. If you do stop the Program for a certain period of time for any reason, just return to where you left off (or take it back a week if you need).  Consistency however is where you will notice the most improvements.

Do I need any equipment to complete the program?

We love to develop exercise programming using little to no equipment, so that the exercises can easily be done ‘anytime, anywhere’.  However, with this program, you will require a resistance band by the start of Week 2. Luckily these are becoming common place online, in all sports stores and cheaper department stores, so they are easily accessible.   If you are unsure where to buy these, please drop us a line.

When does the RETURN TO FIT Program start?

The program starts when you are ready! Once you sign up to the program you will be given immediate (and lifetime!) access to our SSH Move – Return to Fit Membership portal, which will provide you with all the information, videos, guides and resources for successful completion of the program.

What if I fall behind or take some time away from the program?

We provide you with lifetime access of the Program for this very reason. Life gets busy and sometimes our best intentions are dampened due to what is going on around us.

If you injure yourself, take on extra hours at work, have another baby or generally feel as though you simply cannot fit it all in, you may fall behind on your Program. The most important thing in this situation is to take a breath, reassess your priorities and come back to the Program when you are physically and mentally ready to do so.

The Program is ideally to be completed in a consistent manner from start to finish, to ensure the most benefit.

Will I BE FIT ONCE I FINish THE PROGRAM AND then for life?

At the completion of the Program you are likely to be feeling strong and more stable in your everyday movements, particularly if you have been complaint and consistent. You will most certainly be on the way to a fitter, happier and healthier you. Like all things in life, however you will need to ‘keep at it’ through continual movement and focussed strengthening exercise to maintain and even progress your level of fitness.

If you find that you ‘fall off the wagon’ and feel as though you need to start again, your Program will be ready and waiting for you, thanks to your lifetime access.

What is included with my purchase of the program:

  • 6-week self-paced Program of exercise workouts;
  • Exercise videos and printable PDF versions to accompany each week of workouts;
  • SSH RETURN TO FIT FUNDAMENTALS GUIDE that will complement the program and provide you with an invaluable source of information focussing on core anatomy, the SSH A + B + C principles, common questions relating to your core and pelvic floor function and dysfunction and tools for your own return to fit journey;
  • SSH NUTRITION 101 GUIDE + SSH MEAL PLANNING GUIDE + GO-TO RECIPES GUIDE to complement our program, to provide you with simple and straightforward education on how to achieve better health through nutrition and to assist you in getting the most out of our program;
  • SSH STRETCH SERIES GUIDE that will complement the program with targeted mobility and stretching inspiration, to be followed at home or the gym;
  • SSH GUIDED MINDFULNESS SESSIONS: Mindfulness is an important element of good health, and with this program, you will have access to three different guided sessions to help you begin to incorporate this important strategy into your overall health picture;
  • SSH 3-DAY FOOD + SLEEP DIARY that will help you record a snapshot of where you are, at different points throughout the program, with respect to your efforts to improve your overall health;
  • Lifetime access to our incredibly supportive and private Online Community of likeminded mamas, designed to provide you with ongoing support through the program and beyond. Our group provides a continuing source of information, ideas and a platform upon which to interact, share thoughts and feedback and ask questions.

How can I pay for the Program?

We accept PayPal and credit card as methods of processing payments. The program is priced in AU dollars and includes GST for Australian residents. Click here to calculate your currency conversion.

Contact us with other questions?

Do you still have any other burning questions or concerns about whether this program is right for you?

You can have all of this for a one off payment of only $137!

Soul Sister Health assumes that you have taken the time to review our refund policy and medical disclaimer below prior to purchase.